I am a PhD candidate at UC Davis in the Land, Air, and Water Resources Department. My dissertation focuses on modeling both theoretical and empirical social-ecological systems, with a focus on rural extractive communities and natural resources governance.

I received my B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, along with a minor in Global Poverty and Practice, from UC Berkeley, with a focus on drinking water treatment technologies in low-resource contexts. However, a desire to understand and address the root causes of lack of water access motivated me to shift to a systems perspective that is heavily informed by the social sciences during my doctoral studies.

I will be graduating in Spring 2023, and am looking to build on my work in using dynamical systems analyses and other methods from the complexity sciences to understand how structure—arising from the social relations and physical infrastructure that mediate our access to resources—shapes function (e.g. resilience, sustainability, and equity). I am interested in combining empirical social science work with participatory model-building to understand diverse real-world social-ecological systems.

Find my full CV below.